Advanced Flying

Advanced Flight Simulator

The S623T Simulator has been customized to our needs enabling the simulation of a twin-turbine helicopter.

Train on the ELITE Evolution S623T Flight Simulator

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Turbine Time Building

Building flight time on a turbine powered helicopter makes you more employable on today's competetive job market.

Heli Aviation makes turbine time more affordable

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Turbine Transition Course

This Course helps pilots advance their careers and meet industry standards in today's competitive job market.

It's time to transition into larger, more powerful turbine helicopter

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Flight Review (CFR, SFAR)

The flight reviews are necessary to keep you both current and proficient to your pilot certificate level.

Training in accordance with 14 CFR Part 61.56 and SFAR 73

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Time Building

Time Building will help you grow as a pilot and teach you situational awareness and decision making skills.

Great weather all year means flying virtually every day

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External Load Training

This Course will get you hands-on experience with the equipment you'll actually be using when flying as a long line Pilot.

From long-linining to fire fighting with bambi bucket - we have the Equipment

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