Agriculture & Forestry

State of the art, sub meter accuracy, seeding, aerial ignition, herbicide, aquatics, larvaicde, herbacide, wildlife capture, animal tagging, net gunning, data collection, wildlife surveys, alligator egg collections, biological sampling… – just a small part of our formula to provide the best aerial applications to our customer. Heli Aviation is a unique company offering specialized services to the Agriculture & Forestry industry for the entire United States and is the only service provider in the State of Florida. We have experienced pilots who are skilled at maneuvering the aircraft in even the most difficult situation while keeping safety in mind and can accommodate most requests.

Our equipment includes modified skid platforms, several long lines, sophisticated GPS tracking, FM radios, multiple assault rifles, net guns, aircraft transportation trailer for reduced ferrying costs and mobile fuel trucks for faster response time in even the most remote area. Call us now to discuss your needs!

    Wildlife surveys
    Hog hunting
    Aerial Ignition
    Wildlife capture
    Animal tagging
    Alligator Egg Collection
    Net Gunning
    Biological sampling
    Data collection