Fire Fighting & Fire Suppression

We are proud to support Forest Service fire suppression with a range of Type III helicopters. From dropping water and retardant to carrying cargo and crews, Heli Aviation’s fire fighting capabilities are broad and our experience deep. Heli Aviation has a long and successful history of providing professional helicopter services to fire professionals, USDA Forest Service and other State fire fighting agencies.. Our pilots and equipment are USFS carded and approved for fire fighting,  long line vertical reference and aerial ignition. We use collapsible Bambi Buckets that fit into each helicopter for easy transport to the fire. Heli Aiation also carries a full set of lifting gear and safety equipment to cover all contingencies at fires. A pod provides extra carrying capacity for the Bell 206L Series helicopter.

Heli Aviation operates as an autonomous team but with the ability and genuine desire to work with other operators to achieve the best result, extinguishing the fire as quickly as possible. Call us today for more information.