Heli Aviation based at the Sarasota Airport is the Leading Provider of Helicopter Services in Southwest Florida.

Sightseeing Tours

Visit us for an unforgettable experience viewing scenic Florida beaches, Downtown Sarasota and its attractions.

Flight Training

We provide helicopter flight training for pilots interested in EMS, tour operations and a number of other exciting careers.

Construction & External Load

From Banner Towing to External Load and Utility work, we are your partner when it comes to medium lifting.

Photography & Film

We have pilots with film and video experience who are skilled at maneuvering the aircraft for the perfect shot.

Law Enforcement & News

We operate the only aviation unit in this area which is experienced in traffic reporting, law enforcement and news gathering.

Powerline & Pipeline

To assist electrical, oil and gas companies in rural and semi-rural areas, we can quickly and thoroughly check pipelines and powerlines.