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Aerial Surveying

We provide a wide range of specialized Aerial Inspections and Surveys, delivering cost effective solutions in demanding environmental conditions. Visual and IR aerial imaging technology is used in various applications, including forest fire monitoring (surface and subsurface fires), Wildlife & GPS surveying, population counts, Search and Rescue (SAR), Compliance Surveying, Road location, Roof surveying etc.

Our helicopters are equipped with a nose mounted dual sensor GyroCam, for both visual and infrared aerial imaging. We utilize custom-built DVR/Display decks, which simplify the data recording process in-flight. Our setup allows two surveyors to monitor and track the flight path from the front and back seat simultaneously; our dual screen setup allows real time video recording with simultaneous playback capabilities, to eliminate interruptions in data acquisition. Our aircraft are equipped with micro-wave systems to transfer video data in real-time within a 15-30 mile radius to ground stations.

All our helicopters possess advanced Digital Global Positioning Systems (DGPS), fitted with data logging capabilities, which can upload GIS files prior to the operation and record various parameters, including flight paths, measured distances, areas, transects and other relevant information. This data is easily downloaded for review, and integration on various maps. Our helicopter use Spidertracks™ real time satellite tracking, allowing clients to track mission progress in real time from their operations center.