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Disaster Relief Missions

A wide and varied background allows Heli Aviation, with the essential elements necessary, to undertake all aspects of specialized operations required during disaster relief projects. We assist in distributing food and medicine for USAID projects such as in Haiti or other devastated areas. Successful recovery projects require the skilled utilization of many resources, including experienced personnel combined with the right tools.

Helicopters have become an indispensable aid for dealing with disasters. They particularly come into their own when they are put into operation during the initial stages after a disaster has taken place. People who have fallen victim to a catastrophe or are endangered by a disaster cannot afford to wait until a “clearer picture” of the damage has been established. In fact, the helicopter can contribute towards establishing this picture, and as a result should be promptly called out as soon as “a major occurrence” has taken place.

We have worked out procedures for rescue and disaster relief operations of all kind and are well prepared in advance – this gives us a response time of less than 12 hours to save considerable time that could otherwise have serious consequences.