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Turbine Transition Course

There is dilemma in our industry. For a number of years, many operators, in their desire for increased safety and efficiency, have been requesting fairly high minimum-experience requirements for helicopter pilots – generally in the range of 1000 hours as pilot in command.

Very recently, the efforts of companies and of organizations such as Helicopter Association International (HAI), have convinced several government agencies to look at lower numbers such as 600 hours PIC and 50-100 hrs on Turbine powered aircraft for most commercial jobs. This may help to ease the situation, but there is still a sizeable “gap” to be bridged. The dilemma is how to get a 150/200-hour pilot up to the magic number where they are considered “acceptable” by prospective operators and future employers.

Heli Aviation developed a training course specifically for helicopter turbine transitioning and Turbine Time Building without having the student spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. Our training courses help pilots advance their careers and meet industry standards in today’s competitive job market.


Hold at least a Private Rotorcraft Rating.
Able to read, speak & understand the English language.
Hold at least a 3rd Class Medical.
Weight does not exceed 300 lbs.


5-10 hrs Dual Training Bell 206L-3 / MD500D
5 hrs Ground Instruction


Complete an in-house Written Test to receive a Logbook Endorsement & Graduation Certificate from an authorized Instructor.


Start your training at any time.
Estimated Duration: 3 to 7 days


$4,325 (5hrs) to $8,400 USD (10hrs)
Pay as you go, NO upfront payments. Call about Financing. Medical, Books & Training Material not included.