Flight training financing is offered for all of our training programs under FAR Part 61 and Part 141. Just ask us for an application and we will assist you with all of your questions. The approval process takes just 24 hours and we try hard to find a way to get every application approved. For those individuals who finance their flight training we have a training program on a part-time training schedule which is required by – one to five flight lessons per week. Each flight lesson can average up to two (2) hours of aircraft rental and three (3) hours total instruction. effective rates are as low as 9% for Preferred Customers who have a reasonable debt-to-income ratio and a good credit record. Please note that the examples in the table below are computed at our maximum APR. of 18%. If you qualify for a Preferred Interest Rate, your payments may be considerably lower. The maximum amount financed is limited only by the applicant‘s income, debts, and credit record. The amount financed in the examples listed in the financing brochure below is the Total Program Cost less the standard Cash Down Payment of $250. Applicants that are not U.S. citizens will require a U.S. co-borrower with an established credit record. The table below shows some examples of our current finance programs. As you can see, the maximum repayment term (number of payments) is determined by the number of lessons per week in the student‘s training schedule.