Advanced Flight Simulator

Our brand new ELITE evo­lu­tion S623T advanced heli­copter train­ing device has been cus­tomized to our specific needs enabling the sim­u­la­tion of a twin-turbine heli­copter based on the Euro­copter AS355. This AATD fea­tures a four-channel exter­nal visual system and a fully enclosed heli­copter cock­pit with dual pilot instru­ment pan­els and dual controls allowing cockpit and crew resource management during training sessions. It also features a full autopilot capability with flight director and navigation coupling to VOR/HSI & the Garmin G430W. It also allows us to practice turbine hot-/ and hung-start procedures as well as all applicable emergency scenarios.

The S623T has been built to meet European JAR-FSTD-H, Aus­tralian CASA cat­e­gory B FSD2 syn­thetic trainer require­ments and has received FAA cer­ti­fi­ca­tion as an AATD for the max­i­mum allow­able train­ing cred­its that can be awarded to a heli­copter flight training device.

Maximum credits available:
– Log 2.5 hrs towards the PRIVATE
– Log 20 hrs toward the INSTRUMENT
– Log 25 hrs towards the ATPL
– Log 50 hrs towards the COMMERCIAL
– Recent Flight Experience currency
– Instrument Proficiency Check (partial)
– Instrument Practical Test (partial)

Hourly Rate $115 USD
Pay as you go, NO upfront payments. Call about Financing or VA Benefits.

These guys are the real deal! Clean facility, spotless aircrafts, and knowledgeable and friendly instructors.
Heli Aviation provided me a quick and competent 3-week crash course that provided me my Private Pilot License and a new family at the end.
Perfect place for time building! Awesome prices and great block rate discounts on the R22 and R66.
I went to multiple flight schools before finding Heli Aviation. They gave me the courage, information and attention I never got anywhere else.