Flight Instructor -Instrument- Rating (CFII)

This course builds on our Certified Flight Instructor Rating by allowing you to teach instrument flight in helicopters. Since most pilots’ first job is working as a certified flight instructor, this Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) Rating provides you with additional instruction opportunities.

Once you have your CFI, you should consider a way to make yourself competitive in the job market and that will give you the most opportunities in the future. A CFII Rating will allow you to teach new instrument pilots the critical skills of flying by reference only to instruments. During this training course you will build upon your understanding of the fundamentals of instruction. You will learn how to teach instrument ground and flight maneuvers while learning how to help your future students do this in the most efficient manner. You will learn how to achieve high levels of learning by employing scenarios, situations and knowledge from our experienced instructors.

The number of hours to obtain this rating will depend on your instrument proficiency.

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Introductory FLYING Lesson
Introductory FLYING Lesson
Book an introductory flying lesson and take the controls with an experienced instructor by your side! The ultimate thrill and adrenaline rush that’s sure to bring a smile to your face!
Price: $159.00
Duration :
Gift Card :
    Hold at least a current FAA Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Certificate.
    Be at least 17 years of age.
    Able to read, speak & understand the English language.
    Hold at least a 3rd Class Medical.

    Weight does not exceed 230 lbs.

    10 hrs Dual Training in a Robinson R22
    10 hrs Ground Instruction

    Pass an FAA Written Knowledge Test (CFII)
    Pass an Oral and Practical Flight Test

    Approx. 2 Weeks

    $4,500 USD
    Pay as you go, NO upfront payments. Call about Financing. Books & Training Material not included.