Instrument Rating

An instrument rating is required to fly in the National Airspace in less than visual flight rule (VFR) conditions. Our training is designed to give you the necessary skills to pilot your helicopter using the instruments for attitude recognition and navigation without recognition of the actual horizon. We begin the training with the basics. You will learn about attitude instrument flying and progress to departure, enroute navigation, approach and landing procedures. Most all professional helicopter job positions now require an instrument rating.

We created two unique training programs based on both, a Robinson R22 IFR Trainer with Aspen PFD 1000PRO Flight Display and a Bell 206 L-1 C30P Helicopter with up-to-date Garmin G500H and GTN 750 Avionics, which gives you the opportunity to log Pilot in Command flight time while gaining the necessary experience on turbine powered helicopters as well, and keeping the costs at a minimum in order to get an Instrument Rating for helicopter. You can decide if you would like to use the R22 IFR Trainer solely during this course or gain additional experience on a turbine powered aircraft as well, by including the Bell 206 Long Ranger at little additional expense. This course is also used for pilots to gain the minimum required Pilot in Command flight time to become a  Commercial Pilot with exceptional experiences. The optional Instrument Instructor Rating (CFII) will allow you to teach other helicopter pilots to fly by reference to instruments, making you more employable as both an instructor and pilot.

Still Undecided?

Introductory FLYING Lesson
Introductory FLYING Lesson
Book an introductory flying lesson and take the controls with an experienced instructor by your side! The ultimate thrill and adrenaline rush that’s sure to bring a smile to your face!
Price: $159.00
Duration :
Gift Card :
    Hold at least a Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate with Rotorcraft category/class rating.
    Able to read, speak & understand the English language.
    Hold at least a 3rd Class Medical.

    Weight does not exceed 240 lbs.

    40 hrs Dual Training in a Robinson R22
    15 hrs Ground Instruction
    20 hrs Dual Training in a Bell 206 L-3
    20 hrs Dual Training in a Robinson R22
    15 hrs Ground Instruction
    (additional fees apply)

    Pass an FAA Written Knowledge Test
    Pass an Oral and Practical Flight Test

    4 to 6 Weeks

    $14,350 USD $13,950 pre-paid
    Pay as you go, NO upfront payments. Call about Financing. Books & Training Material not included.