Private Pilot Training

The Private Pilot Certificate is for anyone who wants to fly for personal use or satisfaction. You begin training for this certificate with instruction in the basic operations of the helicopter. Ground training and flight training are combined so you will be in the cockpit on day one. Your ground training will include topics such as airport and heliport operations, radio procedures, weather and navigation, while your hands-on training will focus on your first major goal of flying the helicopter solo. You will also start to learn maneuvers like hovering and autorotation and how to operate safely from a tower-controlled airport.

From there you will move on to more advanced lessons such as night flying and cross-country flying. The final part of your private training involves sharpening the skills you have learned in preparation for the FAA’s practical examination. 

The Private Pilot Helicopter Rating is also the first step for those who intend to go on to advanced helicopter ratings or who plan to become professional helicopter pilot. You can begin flight training today! There are NO prior requirements before you begin dual instruction in the helicopter. You can begin at any age, but you must be 16 years old to solo and 17 to earn your Private Pilot‘s Certificate.

Still Undecided?

Introductory FLYING Lesson
Introductory FLYING Lesson
Book an introductory flying lesson and take the controls with an experienced instructor by your side! The ultimate thrill and adrenaline rush that’s sure to bring a smile to your face!
Price: $159.00
Duration :
Gift Card :
    Be at least 17 years of age.
    Able to read, speak & understand the English language.
    Hold at least a 3rd Class Medical with a Student Pilot Certificate.
    Weight does not exceed 230 lbs.
    Start your training anytime.


    30 hrs Dual Training in a Robinson R22
    10 hrs Solo Training in a Robinson R22
    25 hrs Ground Instruction

    Pass an FAA Written Knowledge Test
    Pass an Oral and Practical Flight Test

    4 to 6 Weeks

    $13,300 USD $12,900 pre-paid
    Pay as you go, NO upfront payments. Call about Financing. Medical, Books & Training Material not included.