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Aerial Tree Trimming and Vegetation Management | Fruitville

Heli Aviation uses the “Heli Saw” an aerial power saw attached vertically to the helicopter to side trim rights-of-way for major power, pipeline, railroad companies and governmental agencies throughout the Fruitville area. Designed with today’s technology, it is specifically built for rough conditions allowing it to operate all year with very few limitations and minimal down time. The Heli-Saw has (10x) 24″ blades to cut larger branches with each 20ft swatch and provides a smooth operation due to its great maneuverability. Compared to manual tree cutting, whereby transportation of staff and equipment stands for 90% of time, the usage of the Heli Saw reduces transportation to just 10%.


Aerial side trimming provides maximum lateral clearances from vegetation encroaching into rights-of-way.  Unlike conventional side trimming methods, the heli air saw is capable of removing the canopy in rights-of-way by trimming from sky to ground.  This can be accomplished in rough terrain and ground conditions with little or no impacts to natural resources such as wetlands, river crossings, and other sensitive areas.


The air saw is most effective when utilized as part of an Integrated Vegetation Management Program. Maximum clearance and efficiency is achieved in combination with other techniques for managing brush and trees on the ground.


The Heli Saw is used to remove branches growing around high- and medium-voltage lines, pipelines, railways and streets. Our team performs precise cuts in the transmission routes of power lines and pipelines. Particularly in difficult to access areas you save time and money with our system! Time to start is very short and no specific ground equipment is necessary. Heli Aviation provides everything you need to make the job as cost effective as possible – from Ground Support Trucks with 1,000 gal Jet Fuel tanks to Ground Crew for safety and quick maintenance response times.


The air saw has been shown to be highly productive and efficient when compared to the work of ground based crew. In one hour, an aerial saw can trim as much as can be completed by conventional ground crews in one or more days.  

Benefits of Aerial Trimming

Energy supply companies in particular need to ensure that they have a clear view of pipelines on the ground, and that power lines are not obstructed by trees. For jobs like these, Heli Aviation provides an unique experience that far exceeds the capabilities of all other saws in operation today. 

  • Heli-Saw trims from the top of the tree down 80ft
  • No encroachment on private land to access right-of-ways
  • Immediate access to difficult to reach areas and terrain
  • Average trimming under most conditions is 3 miles of right-of-way or 6 miles of side-wall per day when cutting a 40 foot path.
  • Heli-Saw can do in one day what a ground-crew does in weeks.

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